The multilimb thing is mostly (maybe entirely) about touch and proprioception. Feeling what it would be like to be that shape, and be with others who are. And by "be with" I just mean "nonsexual contact". This isn't about inserting body parts into each other (ew, no), this is just "hugging but more so" as far as contact with others goes.

But also, for example, the feel of walking on four or six legs. the rhythm of the extra muscles, the sensation of the ground in more places.

@bj It's *so good*...

For us, it's that but also convenience, and just thinking about the furgonomics of it

@Felthry That's a good word for it, though it's broader than just "furry" to me. It's why Ringoid Labs exists, for instance, and Elseways isn't necessarily a city of furries (they just make up a large majority of the population, depending what you count as "furry" or not).

@bj (I just like the term furgonomics, it does encompass more than that!)


I like the prefix "xeno" enough that I named this server after it. It really means a lot to me - not just "strange", but that acknowledgement of how strange the world and the people can get. Ringoid Labs serves that need; to take "xeno-design" into account.

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