Lillian's log:
This is bad. Scylla can take care of herself, but I hadn't realized how unlucky Vidrio actually was until I saw it myself. I traced him bouncing from one world to another too fast for me to follow, and I still don't have any good data on how parallel worlds work.

I went to one of my favorite places to have a talk with someone I knew. He's loyal, level-headed, and a good listener, and he told me I should trust my friends to do what they do best while I did the same. (1/2)


He's from a farming village, but found himself one of the heroes who saved his world from demons. They counted on his mighty strength. So, what are Scylla and Vidrio counting on me to provide? What is it I do?

I can fly the ship, and I can use the instruments on it to search for and track things. Scylla can take care of getting his body back. What I can do is try to predict where his mind will end up next, and rescue his spirit from whatever shadowy place that Snatcher thing took him. (2/2)

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