Testing of the Haze Blade commences at Ringoid Labs headquarters. BJ's invited Astra to come wield the sword - getting a Haze generator working in the lab was tricky, but reverse-engineering the communications protocol the nanites use was trickier, and he's confident enough he made it work that he set himself up as a test subject for a blade that respects personal boundaries and can be used harmlessly. It's still a shock to actually get attacked, of course, especially by a warrior like her.


We're working on adapting it to all kinds of new things, too. There's talk of some kind of citywide reorganization that this Haze will play a big role in.

Also, hi! I guess the conduit works. We're running into more problems with the compatibility layer, but this's me writing from Neopolis (and that's me getting Haze Bladed in the picture there). It feels like a sharp puff of dusty air, like if you wired a vacuum cleaner backwards and looked into the end at the wrong time.

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