What do you even call a shape that's like... I've seen something called a "taur train", with just lots and lots of front and hind legs, and that's fine for them, but one that's just made of humanoid plantigrade legs from front to back (with the normal torso up front)? Hip train?

My nephew's wondering what to call how his legs are arranged, and the only other person I know whose body works like that (Simka Choi in the Corps) doesn't have a name for it either.

@bj I'd still cal that a taur train? At least if they still have torsos between each pair of legs


I wouldn't call that a torso. His spine just extends farther out from where his tail would be and kinda threads through another three pelvises (...so far...) before splitting up at the last one into three tails. So, there's no extra ribs or anything, just this kinda space which the Corps tells me is still full of muscles and extra copies of organs and stuff.

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