One of these ideas is having a "proportional" type system. Instead of a mon being, say, Electric/Steel type with the combined vulnerabilities and resistances of both, a Fixl's types are percentages that need to add to 100, and resistances work better or worse accordingly. Something 50% Thunder and 50% Metal type will perform differently than one that's 20/80 or 60/40 or even 4/96 (I figure 4% is a good level of granularity here). Also, why limit it to two? Be 20/32/48 in 3 types if you want.

Fixl is much more player-customization-heavy, and might even do away with the idea of discrete species at all. This isn't so much about catching and training your favorite team, it's about partnering with a single monster who trusts you to build him/her/it into a winning combination.

The visuals would lean heavily on "weird science" tropes. Lots of twirly glass pipes and sparking gadgets and rotating DNA helices. You change your Fixl's moveset by loading in moves off 3½-inch floppies, and which moves it can use are determined by its anatomy. As with types, specialization means you can do a few things really well, but spreading out makes you more versatile, and it'll be a challenge to make those both viable options.


Fixl's setting is the land of Selva, based on the real-world Pacific Northwest - a rectangle roughly encompassing Seattle and Vancouver, then stretching eastward out to Lake Okanagan and the Grand Coulee Dam and such.

The Cosmos Corps refer to this space as the Selva Quarantine Area for good reason. They don't mess with it unless they have to. Fixls are invasive species wherever they go and tend to do nasty things to local ecosystems. Within Selva, though, they work out fine.

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