A new picture of Ceranura ("Cera" for short). She's a few years older now; she was 15 in her older pictures, so figure on her being 19-ish here. She's gone from a trainee exorcist to taking on jobs herself, anywhere evil spirits or mischevious ghosts are causing trouble. Cera's mastered the ability to swap between "Split" mode, where her heads think independently and each controls two hands, to "Focus" mode where she is a single three-headed six-armed being. They're both useful at times.

Split mode is useful when she's trying to make an ethical decision, because while each head shares all of her memories, their personalities are different, and they prioritize different aspects of a situation. The Asura head (with the wild hair) asks "is this something I want to do?". The Anubis head (center, with the tiara) asks "Is this act good for society?". The Cerberus head (with the long flowing hair) asks "Is this the act of a hero or a villain?".

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