Did a little more work on J'Novo's backstory. His creator was trying to create "actual" lion-people instead of what Neena's world had had up to that point (human on the inside with cosmetic mods for the head shape and fur and so on). It backfired when the experiments turned on their creator, which activated the auto-distress-call linked to his life signs, which is how Neena wound up there in the first place. At a remote lab surrounded by what appeared at first to be bloodthirsty mutant lions.


She found his notes and put the pieces together, and was eventually able to convince the pride of lion-mutants that she could save them. They were human-equivalent smart, it turns out, just mostly nonvocal and with a lot of feline instincts built in. She found homes for all of them in time, and even brought a couple with her to Elseways when she finally joined the Corps.

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