I've been looking over older projects - there's a definite part of me that likes having a side project to work on outside of work hours. For a little while it was the Polyopolis story, and before that was the abortive attempt at XenoTerm again (which stopped because I was depending on something working that turned out not to). But the most successful project I've ever done alone was Septima, and I know a whole lot more about code now than I did back when I wrote it...


And there was a dream I had that I never really saw through. "Septima Deluxe", where the basic puzzle mechanics changed stage by stage depending on who it's themed to. I want to use that again and actually make it work, some 18-ish years later with that much more experience.

This would be done in Lua/Löve2D now (back then it was BlitzBasic), and I'm still working out other details, but the advantage of this is that I already know it's fun and I already know how the basic game mechanics go, and that's actually a big help.

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