The Cyborg Deer Problem is a metaphor a therapist told me about some years ago, a useful metaphor for anxiety.
Imagine a normal deer in a forest. There are wolves, too, but the deer's sensitive eyes and ears and reflexes are calibrated to get it away from danger quickly.
So let's make a superdeer with enhanced sight and hearing, radar that can scan for miles around. (1/2)

We haven't improved its ability to act on anything, though, so all we've done is turn an innocent deer into a quivering mass of nerves, totally paralyzed by threats it can't do anything about and who don't even know it exists. Its normal senses were good enough for the threats it needed to be aware of.
The lesson I took from this is to stay aware of how much my actions affect my situation; it's good to avoid real danger, but things that only might happen if ever aren't worth worrying over. (2/2)

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