It took a while for the Corps to track him down, but they found him. He was hiding in plain sight, inside the city itself but cleverly disguised behind walls of runic dragon magic - August Ambersand, the runewyrm formerly known as Sigil, and the true identity behind the mysterious "voice of the city" who sometimes calls people up to say how he thinks should be run. He doesn't publicize that he exists, but Elseways in fact does have a mayor, just one who's stuck to the shadows for a while.


The gemlike thing to the side is a shape I'm trying to work out in 3D - I know what it should look like in terms of what the shapes and angles involved are, but I don't have a way of turning that into a 3D model to study and use as a reference. August wears a jewel of that shape on a chain around his neck, and there's a tower on an island just off the coast - the Tower of Hours, a combination lighthouse/clock tower - that has that same shape (laid flat) at its top.

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