I've been planning out some of the areas of Lamppost Island. One of its most important features is the Museum Plaza, where each of the island's twelve main leaders has their own building devoted to their subject (Maya's garden, for instance). Twelve buildings arranged in a circle, the whole thing about a quarter mile on a side, with a big public square in the middle. If that sounds like a familiar layout, that's because I posted a rough diagram of it before.

The Tower of Curiosity also has twelve floors, not counting the wide ground floor that forms its base and the section at the top with the polyhedron in it. Each floor is a library containing books about one of the twelve subjects, all written by the islands' caretakers over the years. For instance, all of the Maya Blues down the generations have their writings on philosophy collected on the fifth floor.

I should state here that I already know who all 12 of these leaders are (plus the two who only sort of count), although I'm renaming and redesigning some of them. They're all gryphons in one way or another, but all with unique body shapes. The one thing that's been more formalized is what subjects each is a master of, and you'll see those spelled out as I draw more of them.

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