Novena Fiara is sometimes mistaken for one of the island's wildlife - maybe a fluffy puma, maybe a large fox, maybe something else - but she's no less one of the twelve leaders of the island. Her domain is earth science; under her beast-shaped exterior is a wealth of knowledge and experience related to biology, geology, ecology, and such. Her museum is full of terrariums with rare bugs, lizards, and anything else small enough to live in one. (1/2)


Novena has the ability to determine any living thing's nutritional needs at a touch, which is very useful for her caretaker role, and she'll happily go consult for people with dietary issues to figure out what they should be eating. Don't ask her to cook, though; your needs will be met, but she has no real concern for esthetics, so everything she makes just comes out as a mild-flavored brown mush. (2/2)

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