❿ I see Augie found a riddle partner.
⎉ Yeah, that's Blit. I'm pretty sure the answer is "the Heart of Understanding", but I don't want to spoil his fun.
❿ You have a history with that thing.
⎉ I didn't mean to pick it up. I didn't realize how powerful it is! Feeling a whole city of emotions at once was more than I could handle.
❿ You were meant to find it, and you were right to hand it over to the Circle.
⎉ I'm surprised I survived that at all.
❿ Don't be. You're more than you're aware of.

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Octavia Naranja is the last member of the Circle I hadn't drawn yet. Her field is medicine; she's an accomplished surgeon whose deft fingers and deep understanding of anatomy have patients coming to her not just from the island but all of Elseways. Octavia has no hair or feathers, and her skin secretes natural antibiotics that keep her sterile at all times. The pointed straw hat was given to her by a grateful patient some years ago and she's worn it ever since.

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