πŸ“š Oh hey β€” nice wings. I didn't think you could stretch taut like that.
🦠 ❓
πŸ“š Shelving books. It's my job.
🦠 ❓
πŸ“š Because I got a letter telling me I should be working here in the library instead of going to school to learn to write well. That's in my spare time, I guess.
🦠 ❓
πŸ“š Because they're charging rent now, so I had to.
🦠 ❓
πŸ“š Because it's supposed to make the city productive.
🦠 ❓
πŸ“š You got me there. I thought we were fine before. Now I'm too tired to write anything after work.
🦠 ⁉️

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