⊶ Side notes by Lillian:
I don't know what's going to happen to the city, but the idea of "post-scarcity" has been on my mind enough that I want to catalog what Elseways has that are so far past our needs that they might as well be infinite. (1/?)

* Clean energy, thanks to the same weird heat pit the Oracle Machine sits in. It's not the cause of the heat, but it's powered by it too.
* Land. We can keep reclaiming this empty planet just about forever.
* Organic materials. Neena's bioreactors are phenomenal for this, even if things come out homogeneous. Food isn't a problem, as long as you don't mind a lack of variety. But the city has enough farmers and foodies that there's both a demand and a supply for hand-grown stuff. (2/?)

* Water. There's an ocean nearby and the desalinization plant in Aqua Town will keep running as long as it's powered. No issue there.

As far as I can tell, that's it. All essentials to keeping a city running, but of course it's not a complete list of everything anyone could want. We still ship in metal; there are no mines here, and recycling only covers a fraction of demand. We're also mostly reliant on other worlds for entertainment. A city of half a million sounds like a lot, but… (3/4)


…We don't have the level of skills or talent that a planet of billions would. Luckily cross-world bandwidth is cheap, so we can keep bringing in books, movies, video games, and whatever else we want from places with more population than ours. I'm glad for the Polywood studios, but they're small-time compared to the kinds of globe-spanning industries I've seen in other worlds.

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