⎈ Now, over here isβ€”
🧩 Enough. Stop stalling.
⎈ …I-I'm just trying to show you howβ€”
🧩 How great the city is? That's all very nice, but I don't care. I'm not here for the city, I'm here to take the Bitkin back.
⎈ They live here. I can't let you do that.
🧩 Are you contradicting me?
⎈ *sigh* I was afraid it'd come to this. Yes. I am. Directly and formally.
🧩 This is a foolish move, Blythaniel.
⎈ Let me make it explicit. Elseways is my city.
🧩 And?
⎈ I want you to leave.
🧩 Challenge accepted.

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