Two very different-looking Zemrin individuals, continuing the theme from last night. The four-fingered hands and three-toed feet were never a consistent thing before, but I feel like it's something all Zemrin have in common, whether they're covered in scales, feathers, or skin. These two are both dressed for business; the left owns a small mining company, and the one on the right is a goldsmith, so they do a lot of business with each other.


These characters are just practice for character design and coloring, but I could see these two sharing drinks at the nearest tavern — they met to finish a contract for another delivery, but end up gossiping about everything else as the night goes on.

Did a little more research on these two. They meet every day after work to play board games before returning home, and they're familiar enough with each other that each can tell if the other's had a bad day. Their names (l. to r.) are Zerneth and Kaivar, and they live in Almanaque, Delyria's largest and most diverse city (the only one with a population over a million). Kaivar's most memorable project was a set of six matching wedding rings for an engaged pair of adventurers who needed that many.

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