I'd like to get back into writing music again, and I think FamiTracker will be my vehicle for it. The standard chip plus VRC6 feels right (it's what Shovel Knight uses, too), and if I want to make an alternate "Delyria: Ark of Moonlight CD" edition with a more elaborate soundtrack later, I can do that then.


Famitracker is excellent for composition; have used it a lot. Easy to get into, gives you a lot of power (you can do pretty much anything you'd want to do with the chip with minimal fuss)



I am a big sucker for Deflemask myself. It's a Super Chiptune Tracker, containing support for the NES/FC, SMS, C64, PCE, Genesis, and various arcade boards.

@t3hyoshi @bj

I find Famitracker's interface easier to use, but that might just be because I found it first - DefleMask is also very good and covers a lot of chips, including ones that were really hard to track for before it came around, and I can definitely approve of that

@Patashu @bj It seems Deflemask went fully commercial with their latest update. A touch sad, but the Legacy version is still just as good. I honestly prefer the sound of the YM chips, hence my preference. The way the NES was manufactured outside of Japan sort of put a damper on the original sound quality of the device.
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