This Ishkir lawyer has just found something objectionable. Knowledge skills are good for that - spotting hidden things, searching through clues, or in this case catching on to someone else's lies. Yellow is the color of the flash of insight, of pointing to exactly the place to make an argument fall apart, but knowledge skills can also be green (for memory) or blue (for interpreting or understanding things).

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loving the outfit here, and the general 'colour' concept


A friend introduced me to Legend of the Five Rings recently, an RPG that does something similar with elements (fire, air, earth, water, void), but in that one any skill can be used with any element. That system has its advantages and drawbacks, but I've always wanted an excuse to use the Fano plane as a game mechanic, and this seems to be it.
That's not to say you can't do physical+green or knowledge+silver, but those are special cases I'll talk about later.

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