Xana duMonde is a creature born out of a collision between multiple worlds — parts of Elseways, Underville, and Inver City overlap in a strange region simply called Deep Down Town. Like Underville, it's hard for anyone besides mice to get in or out, and its layout is a confusing non-Euclidean network of passageways that barely even make sense to its residents. Xana's fey features come from Inver, and their antennae and extra arms are likely from Elseways. They're sort of a buttermouse.


If you're wondering what Inver City is, that's because I haven't told you about it yet. It's been around as a name for a while, and I have some rough thematic ideas brewing, but nothing coherent enough to show off.

There are faeries there, though.

There are also vampires, were-beasts, djinn, mad scientists, feng-shui geomancers, skyscraper gurus, ghosts, and robots.

@Felthry One big motivation for Inver is "what if I designed the World of Darkness setting", so it definitely needs that "kitchen sink setting" whimsy. It's a world where things are what they are because they are, which echoes some of what Vidrio's been getting into lately too…

@bj We aren't familiar with "world of darkness"!

@Felthry It was big in the late 90s. The setting for the White Wolf urban horror RPGs (Werewolf, Mage, Changeling, etc) — Inver replaces some (but not all) of the the Gothic horror bits with something more surreal, but I still want it to feel like there are serious things at stake. Moon Remix RPG is about the right flavor here. Or Earthbound.

@Felthry Elseways is a safe place. Inver City is very much not.

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