This vulpine guy is on a walk through the woods, enjoying the sights and smells, but he's about to have a sudden meeting with a down-on-her-luck assassin-turned-bandit. Normally he'd have smelled her - the Levendish are known for keen senses - but her training kicked in and she rubbed her clothes with resin first as camouflage.
Gamewise, skills like perception, stealth, and meditation - inward-facing and impossible to help with - are their own category, alongside ones like Physical and Mental.

I want a better name than "Inward", but skills come in six categories arranged in contrasting pairs:

Oh, and just because it's fun to have symbols for these, I'm using Tarot suits (plus two):
Physical = sword
Mental = wand
Practical = coin
Creative = cup
Social = crown
Inward = anchor

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