More about Kae:
• Kae is an artificial life form rescued by Neena, who wanted to study Kae's metamorphosis "power". Kae is an unstable prototype of one Neena's homeworld's races of biotes, and Neena brought Kae to Elseways to live.
• Kae can have multiple arms or legs, but sometimes heads as well. There's no limit how many, but they get exponentially rarer as the counts increase.
• Kae is not a fox or any other real species; they are artificial and were designed to look generically critterish.

• Kae has an unusual diet, but they haven't told me exactly what's involved there yet. They're very fond of aggressively artificial flavors, at least.
• Kae's wardrobe can accommodate for anything from two to ten arms and likewise for legs, but once in a while they'll end up with even more just by chance.
• Kae enjoys spending time at San Sigilio Beach and can often be found snorkeling around in the shallows helping the city pick up trash.

A final note about Kae's coloration; their fur is a uniform red-orange head to tail, with lighter skin exposed on their palms and soles. Their eyes are mismatched, though; one is lime-green and the other a twilight-sky purple. Neena thinks this was deliberate so Kae's home lab would know if they ever escaped, but that problem is long in the past.

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