Vidrio's journal:
I don't know where I am, but I'm starting to really enjoy the trip. I don't get as much time using my wings as I should, but I met this big fluffy white dragon and they got me to take a flight alongside them. I've never felt so free, and not just because my I'm ghostly and massless right now. I've got a chance to see all kinds of things I never knew existed. This world is full of color and magic, bright days and deep nights. I can't stay long, but I'll enjoy my time here.

Lillian's log:
This is bad. Scylla can take care of herself, but I hadn't realized how unlucky Vidrio actually was until I saw it myself. I traced him bouncing from one world to another too fast for me to follow, and I still don't have any good data on how parallel worlds work.

I went to one of my favorite places to have a talk with someone I knew. He's loyal, level-headed, and a good listener, and he told me I should trust my friends to do what they do best while I did the same. (1/2)

Σ: Please explain why we brought Vidrio to a kid.
L: Not just any kid. This is Razputin Aquato - a psychic capable of entering people's mental realms and dealing with their problems from the inside.
Σ: Like getting one's soul snatched away.
L: I hope so. I can't focus on what's going on; The Corps doesn't have the technology to interact directly with people's mental spaces yet.
Σ: It sounds like Razputin has entered Vidrio's dreams.
L: Good way to think about it. I just hope this works.

Felt like drawing Lillian again. I was watching anime at the time, though, and so the pose turned into this sort of ready-for-action thing. She's got a new jacket, but those are still the same pair of jeans she's had for decades now. They're cozy.

The same adventurer as yesterday, casting a Hover spell. They're a Kinesthete, a physics-themed mage/athlete whose spells can make things lighter, heavier, faster, slower, or in this case hover. They're good at non-elemental effects and have a good balance of physical and magical power.


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