Feeling more and more lion-y lately. I don't know whether it was permission, acknowledgement, or encouragement I got, but I want to explore that more.

Interesting effect of how federation works. I was following people from this account here, but my timeline has a gap in it that started on July 2, so even though the server was technically running (but inaccessible) this whole time, it wasn't receiving anything from my follows.

Hello again. We were down for a while because of some DNS screwups, but I think we're back now.

There we go. Now I have a neat little monogram logo.

A little frustrated that I can't (even in the server admin options) set this place's Favicon. The generic Mastodon logo is okay, but I wanted to replace it with Xeno.Chat's own X logo. Ah well.

I also really need to upload an icon for myself, and I think I know what it should look like...

The thing is, I don't particularly lean heterosexual or homosexual. I'm not interested in bare breasts, turned off by genitalia of both kinds, and frankly humans in general I find kind of off-putting. But I don't feel right calling myself asexual either, because there are things I am very into. But there is no convenient flag for what I am. There should be, even as a kind of "miscellaneous" category.

Where even is the line between "fetish" and "genuine sexual orientation"? Because what I'm into cuts across the usual lines and refuses to fit into a recognizable box. The feeling is real. I still have it. But I don't have the vocabulary to convince anyone of how real and how deep it is.

The multiple-limbs thing goes back a long way. I remember, as a kid, obsessing over:
• Kary (aka Marilith) from Final Fantasy, and generally all D&D mariliths (plus Secret of Mana's Hexas)
• Goro and Kintaro from MK
• The two-headed snake enemies from FF2/4, to the point where I was trying to figure out how to make a costume
All of these were around when I was 11-14 or so. Other boys obsessed over pictures of naked women. I had … that.

Okay, I've gotten Amaroq signed into this account now. Neat.

"Multiple arms and divided loyalties," she said with a smirk. "How singularly appropriate. But never forget your origin. Væri didn't rescue you, she took you from us and claimed you're better off there."

Hello! This is BJ, and this is the first message over here on this brand-new Mastodon server running at "xeno.chat". This particular account will be used for general real-world journal-y things.


Small private instance for a group of friends.