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I'll return to Neena's adventure in Selva once I figure out where that plot is going. I have a general idea how it ends but I don't know how to get there yet.

Sepia works for Dovetail Herbs at the Near Wild's eastern edge; they're shown here hard at work helping transplant some beds to a new plot. Farming is harder work than they thought at first - there's a lot of attention to detail and scheduling involved, not to mention the physical labor. Having a bunch of extra arms helps, but only so much. Sepia is totally nonchalant about being unclothed - there's literally nothing to hide, and it gets sweaty out there in the field.

Is there a word for the opposite of a kink? Something you have an unusual distaste for that most other people enjoy a normal amount?

Some sketchy expressions, just to establish Sepia's head shape a little better. I like the little hair-spike at the front of their mane.

Of course I posted that right before I left for dinner and didn't realize until just now that I'd mis-pronouned them. Sepia is a "they", not a "she".

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Sepia's name is appropriate because, like a cuttlefish, she has eight arms and is stripey. And possibly smarter than she looks.

I'm starting to see issues with the terms "heterosexual" and "homosexual". They only make logical sense if there are only two sexes. What else is there?

I'm going to keep drawing Sepia. They're not the personal character I was looking for, but I feel like they could lead me there and are worth following around to see where they go.

Age: Unknown, but if they age at a normal human rate, around 20. Hormones consistent with this observation - no sexual development, of course, but bones show signs of usual growth curves.

I'll leave the psych eval to an expert, but they seem benign if confused. No clear memory of any world before ours, but scent memory panel matched grass and florals more than oil or smoke, so I thought they'd be more comfortable living in the Near Wild.

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Neena's notes on Sepia:
Anatomy normal apart from the extra arms. Well-developed muscles and coordination indicate a possible athletic or martial background. No clear signs of artificial biology, and nothing turning up on a scan for external energy (i.e. magic and stuff), so Sepia was born this way naturally. I don't believe any world in our catalog could support that, but Sepia is far from the first citizen that's been true of. I recommend support and observation from a distance.

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The eight-armed zebra named Sepia is a new Elseways resident. The Corps found and rescued them from floating around in the timeless void between worlds; it's unknown where they came from originally, and their memory is still a little fuzzy, but they've integrated into city life pretty well, taking a small apartment in the Near Wild while they look for employment nearby. They're one of a small but growing number of neuter citizens; about 5% of the city population is.

"I realize this isn't my place to be wandering around in, but I wanted to bring something to your attention."
"This'd better be important. I don't know how you even found this hallway, let alone this door."
"But this is the Mayor's office, right?"
"A Mayor no one has ever actually seen."
"I can't pick locks, but I can send threads through to feel a room out, and…"
"That's no office. It's just a broom closet."

Still thinking about Glitch as superhero. It'd be easy to misinterpret her as standing for "order" or "law" in some way that gives her Robocop morality, but that's not it at all. Her version of order has nothing to do with law or justice, and everything to do with keeping the city doing what cities are for. She stands against corruption in all its forms, and she can't abide cheating, whether that's as basic as burglary or as high-level as politicians finding loopholes in and abusing laws.

...a spear-wielding warrior who guards cities, known for cunning and gleaming eyes. Glitch has somehow taken on the attributes of Athena.

-Pallas- Athena, possibly to go along with Vesta. Now I'm wondering where Ceres and Juno are hiding.

Also, "Minerva" is plausibly the kind of name Glitch would take if she wanted a secret identity.

Bonus sketch, because I felt like it. Glitch has transferred out from Lillian's guidance and into BLITZEN, of all places; her lifelong frustration at being able to see Wrongness and never do anything about it can be channeled usefully if you give her the power to do things. She's developing into a sort of superhero; a champion of justice who seeks to right wrongs. She can see that the city itself is also a system that has a way it's meant to work, and now she can hunt down what threatens that.

Some kind of floating fire-wielding reptile person. I think he's the same species as the six-armed one from yesterday's, and I'm not sure why they're showing up now. But I had an urge to draw someone in this pose, and the weird plus-shaped scar over his right eye probably has a story behind it.

Today went weirdly - not in a bad way, just I'll be working from home a little longer than I'd planned on. But I decided to do some random sketches like this journal is supposed to be for - Mettaur variations for the 8 Megaman stages, some random feline guy, and a six-armed reptilian thing I like the pose on.

The silver lining is that, while tonight might be a little panicked and stressful, I've left myself -lots- of time to get there tomorrow, and I really like my office's location, so I've got a lot of new stuff to explore once I get there, especially as the pandemic restrictions lift. So it'll probably be a hectic morning followed by a pretty good day.

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No sketch tonight - I'm preparing to work from the actual office tomorrow using a commute I've never really tried, and the mood around here is "night before the first day of a new school semester". Right down to needing to be at a meeting to figure out what I'll be working on for the next span of time (6 weeks in this case). That's in the afternoon, and lots of people are taking vacations this week, so I'm using this opportunity to test out ways to get there.

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