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Yes, I'm still drawing Vida. I thought it would be fun to try out different outfits and expressions and such, and they came out well. It's a good sign that I'm onto something good with her design. Also, there's the code point for her particular ✼ symbol.

[⎈] Blit
[⎉] Vidrio
[✼] Vida

[⎈] You two have pretty similar names…
[⎉] They both mean things in Spanish. My name means "glass" and hers means "life".
[✼] That's why I picked it out!
[⎈] Yeah, and that's why I picked out these symbols for us. We can't abbreviate you both as "V".
[✼] I like it. It's kind of a snowflake steering wheel.
[⎉] What's mine? A beak?
[⎈] It's a circle with a kind of V shape in it but ... y'know, I can see "beak" too. Let's go with that.

Still focused on Lamppost Island as a setting - it makes a really good small place that I can figure out more or less completely, and of course it's part of the greater city of Elseways. Vida is going for a run along one of the many cliffside trails; she likes to stay in shape, and her body takes a little extra care than most. This would be Blit meeting her for the first time (he never met her back when she was Crystal, either) and getting to know her optimism and positive spirit.

Just some quick sketches. Her name is Vida Greenlyte; neither I nor she are completely sold on the spelling there, but as long as it's pronounced right it doesn't matter. She's still that mint-green color, with the backs of her ears and the stripes on her tail (which I forgot to draw here) black, while her hair is white.
She's been picking pieces of an outfit out from places in Polyopolis and the Glenrock Mall; she loves that shirt and the shoes, but she's not going to stick to just one look.

She keeps showing up. These are some refinements to yesterday's redesign of Crystal - back up to six arms, and a few test expressions. I still feel like she needs a new name, though. "Greenlight" makes a good surname, and it's the kind of thing she'd call herself, but her first name hasn't come to mind just yet.

Late-night pixel art thing. Messing with a logo for the tower that Vidrio and Blit have been exploring, because I'm going to turn that (and more of Lamppost Island itself) into a test case for the game engine. It's a grassy place with an ocean backdrop, peaceful weather, and a cute village. Perfect starting zone.

Something about Hop's design spoke to me, and I thought I'd play with it some by hybridizing him with Crystal. This might in fact be Crystal's new shape; she's from Polyopolis where they can do that kind of thing, and after the recent events there, she's feeling more free to be something that isn't largely dictated by someone else. Her coloration is leaning a little more light lime-teal, too. Like the third color in that thing from earlier.

Randomly inspired to draw more Mobian noodle animals. This trio sticks together both for their names and their shared goal of finding shortcuts and hidden passages under, around, and through anything that gets in their way. Hop's speed and agility, Skip's augmented vision, and Jump's flight are all useful in different ways for this.

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A proverb I'm fond of: the day you stop learning is the day you die.

I think I figured out what the missing step is here. I've been trying to make tilesets by opening up GIMP and staring at a blank canvas, and that goes nowhere. What I need is to sketch stuff out first with some kind of purpose in mind, and then figure out how to make tiles out of it. It's the "art director" step.

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Love yourself first, and everything else falls in line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world. ~ Lucille Ball

Two milestones - not just animated tiles (those things in the middle spin around; it's a cheesy effect but good enough as a programmer-art proof of concept), but a nice gradient background from Blit Purple on the bottom to Vidrio Orange on the top. They make for a very nice sunset kind of effect.

I feel like I need to get better at making tilesets if I'm going to go anywhere with this engine, but that's not an immediate concern.

Tomorrow: animated tiles. With GDQ over I'll be less distracted, and that's an easy way to add character to a place. Maybe I'll tackle parallax backgrounds, too; the problem here isn't so much drawing them as figuring out how to represent them in the map file format I've been writing.

Another of Lamppost Island's leaders, Janvier L'indigo is a trusted counselor who uses his knowledge of psychology and his ability to peer into dreams to aid the minds of those in need. One of his three heads is always asleep; they take turns on 8-hour shifts.

No real progress or sketch tonight - I've been headachey and a little worn out. But I've got a should-be-relaxing weekend ahead of me - this is just a temporary thing.

Jun's wings are too small to fly on (and too far back on his body for any real control), and anyone who points this out to him should prepare for a whole presentation on aerodynamics and how wings work and everything else he knows on the topic, because he figures if you're bringing that up to him you must be interested in it too.

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Sketch of one of the twelve (or possibly 13 or 14; it depends who's counting) leaders of Lamppost Island. This is Jun Midori, an enthusiastic science fan who loves to show off his knowledge of physics and chemistry by putting on shows for the islanders. Like all of the island's leaders, he has an apprentice training to take over for him one day - not just in position, but in name and shape as well. The sixth place on the ring is always Jun because they're named after months.

The pair make their way to the top of the tower. Somehow Vidrio was able to get inside - the door opened right up, which they decided not to question - and there in the uppermost section of the tower they find a mysterious floating shape. Blit recognizes it as a rhombic dodecahedron, and something about it resonates with him. Its faces look like mirrors, but reflecting other places. Vidrio, too, is starting to feel like that power resonates with him somewhere deep within.

Next step for the game will probably be animated tiles, because they're reasonably easy to handle. I'll keep adding stuff I know how to do (from previous attempts at writing engines), so the sprite animation part might not make it in for a while.

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