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Blocky Teletext-style graphics are in, although you can't color them yet.

Had a random flash of inspiration at work that resulted in giving Augustus a daughter - he seems like he'd be a good father as long as you could put up with a steady stream of terrible dad jokes. So here's Teela, who left the island behind to try to get into show business on the mainland. She turned out to have a good eye for lighting and color, and now she can usually be found pacing the stage between takes, carefully adjusting the position and level of all the stage lights.

⎈ I could add more to the core. There are planes left open on it.
❽ Addition is good! What were you planning on adding?
⎈ Whatever's missing. I can't think of any more rules that would help, though.
❽ If you tried to add more rules you'd be there forever.
⎈ You're hinting at something…
⎉ Yeah, he's done that as long as I've known him.
❽ I like riddles! It's a chance for someone to feel smart when they figure it out. I bet you like seeing other people pleased, too.
⎈ …I'm starting to catch on.

Yes, I'd been holding off on introducing him with the others because I wanted him to show up here first. His last name is pronounced /ʃərˈʃɛt/ ("sher-SHET") and is Catalan for "teal" - all the members of the Circle of Twelve are named after months and colors.

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⎉ If this is a math thing, I know just who can help us.
⎈ Yeah? I admit, I haven't spent much time up at the museums.
❽ Vidrio! Nice to see you again!
⎉ Blit, meet Augustus Xarxet. He's on the Circle of Twelve, and he deals with math, logic—
❽ And board games!
⎈ Nice to meet you… I've been pondering the limitations of pure logic. What is it bad at?
❽ Oho. All kinds of things. If your axioms are bad you get absurd results. You can't reason about what you don't know!
⎈ That is a very good point…

Meanwhile, Ringoid Labs has another status update on the XT-100.

⎉ …So that's it? You escaped from your old invention? Then what?
⎈ We don't know. Fresnel is sending letters giving people random new jobs—
⎉ Not here on the island. We must be past its range.
⎈ That makes this a good place to plan, but I'm out of ideas.
⎉ You got that core open. Can't you just yank it out?
⎈ It's fixed in place. We could hack it somehow, but that would have unpredictable results.
⎉ You said the rules were incomplete. Can you add more? What's it missing?
⎈ …interesting idea…

🐦 Hey, Seni. How long's this green blob been following you around?
📚 A week. Don't be offended by that weird caricature. It just likes to copy people.
🐦 It feels like there's more to it than just copying.
📚 Yeah, but I can't tell what else it wants. It eats garbage, though. I've fed it a few first drafts already.
🐦 Maybe it just wants to experience things. To understand what it's like to be us.
🦠 *vigorous nodding*
📚 Understanding speech is a good start. I wonder where else I could take it.

Swapped the dingy dark yellow into more of an orange-brown, and adjusted the middle gray shades a bit. I think this is the palette I'll use.

On further research, I've basically just re-invented 16-color CGA, and I'm not sure how to feel about that.

More messing around with the XT-100. It now supports color, and for now I'm just going with a standard 16-color-terminal kind of palette (which includes the 8 Teletext colors), but I'm not married to the idea of keeping it.

❖ Citizens of Elseways, my name is Nicodemus Fresnel, founder of the Cosmos Corps. I've returned to the city after a long absence, and I'd like to help. I see a city that's not working as well as it could be. I see a waste of time, of talent, of the incredible resources gathered here. Elseways could be so much more. I will send you all individual plans for how you can help. Follow them and we can all live somewhere we can be proud of.
🧬 Do you believe him?
✧ He believes himself. I have doubts.

Side note: my ambitions include writing text-only games that use that terminal as output. Also I'd like to figure out how LÖVE's shader support works so I can give the screen a nice phosphor glow effect.

I just can't stay away from text-rendering code for very long. The XT-100 is Elseways' version of the VT-100 and its version of Teletext - a TV screen with a 50 column by 25 row text mode, made for use with the Dodec home computer line. I'll be adding more to this, but trying to keep my ambitions low. How low? ... I don't know yet.

She's been on my mind again after being away for a while. Vesta Ashland, many-armed and now with the ability to make little flames appear. It's nothing too powerful yet, but it came from her needing to break out of somewhere deep and dark that was suppressing her inner light. She's got more abilities where that came from, too. Wherever she went, she's matured a little on the way back.

⥣ Thank you for the report, Lillian. I sometimes forget you didn't know Fresnel from the old days…
⊶ Do you know his goal?
⥣ When we found this empty planet and started to build a city, he wanted to optimize it all. To plan in advance. He thought he knew how a city worked; he'd done the math.
⎈ …That's a familiar attitude.
⥣ After a tense argument, he vanished.
⊶ Odd that he'd turn up now after so long, trying to blackmail the city into submission.
⎈ This isn't what I built that for at all.

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"I expected someone..."
"Yes," the knight said, looking down at the dragon.
"Dragons grow in proportion to their hoard."
"I heard your hoard was huge, thousands and thousands of books."
"It is."
"I went digital," the dragon said, showing the SD card they lay on.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

All that time, people across Elseways had been getting messages. Some by physical mail, some digital, some by other means. They all contained a list of their crimes, no matter how minor, no matter how secretly they'd been done. Any way one had broken the rules was in there… along with a promise that televised instructions would follow in 3 days. Failure to follow them would result in that list being sent not just to the authorities, but all of their closest friends. Which were also listed.

A pixel font inspired by some recent discussions about Teletext that led to me thinking about VT terminals and wondering if it'd be possible to combine the two into a single character set that made some sense. Feel free to use it wherever, but I have some plans of my own…

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